Every situation is different: cases requiring DNA testing are often life-changing depending on the result. Whether you are dealing with a parenthood dispute, custody disagreement, inheritance suit, or another legal matter, there is no room for error. You need accurate and court admissible DNA test results in a timely manner.

AT DNA Specialists of Houston, we ensure that your tests, from the designation of donors to the delivery of the results, meet the sample protection protocols and accuracy standards mandated by the legal system.

Even if DNA testing has not been requested by the court, having legally sound DNA results from an AABB accredited lab can prove beneficial in many legal matters.  

Types of DNA tests available

DNA Testing Services



A paternity test is the most conclusive way to determine a relationship between a child and an  alleged father. Our paternity testing services include: Standard Trio Paternity, Motherless Paternity Testing, and Non-Invasive Prenatal.

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Prenatal Testing

Prenatal Testing

Our non-invasive prenatal test is completely safe for both mother and unborn child and utilizes the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) to generate results.

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Maternity Test

A maternity test is performed to confirm the biological relationship between a mother and child—for immigration cases, adoption, or other situations.

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Relationship testing can be used to determine paternity in cases where the father is absent or unwilling to be tested.

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Family DNA Testing

Family DNA Testing, also called "Genetic Profile Reconstruction," is used to test the relationship between a child and biological relatives of the alleged father, if he is deceased or unavailable for testing.

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DNA Identification & Banking

Our DNA profiling service allows individuals to obtain a record of their genetic profile—a unique combination of locations found in their DNA that serves as a permanent genetic ID.

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DNA Viability Testing

These tests are used to determine whether there is sufficient DNA to continue with testing. It is possible to perform DNA testing on deceased individuals using their stored samples. The post-mortem viability test is performed on a sample from a deceased individual to determine if the sample yields sufficient viable DNA to proceed with further testing.

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Infidelity DNA Testing

Infidelity is a catastrophic issue in many relationships—even the suspicion of infidelity is devastating. Before making an accusation, or before proceeding in court with an allegation, a infidelity DNA test can give you the evidence you need.

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