Testing my baby’s paternity before it’s born: non-invasive prenatal DNA testing

Can you test the paternity of your unborn child? Yes, you can. And, due to developments in modern technology, you can acquire a court-admissible DNA test painless paternity test. The test can be administered after the 7th week of pregnancy and requires only a blood test from the mother and a check swab from the potential father. This type of testing is extremely reliable and will provide a 99 percent probability that the man tested is the father and a 0 percent probability of paternity if he is not.

A prenatal paternity test can help you make pre-arrangements for custody and child support of you’re not planning on pursuing a relationship with the child’s father. And, if you are, you can decide with confidence to move forward as a family.

A prenatal paternity test is more costly and can be performed by few AABB accredited labs, but it is worth it to many mothers and fathers-to-be to know in advance the path they will pursue for their family and their future.

Know in advance with prenatal paternity testing.